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Taming the Data Wilderness

The Knowledge Graph for Irish History

Building on our successful launch in June 2022 of Ireland’s first Five-Star Linked Open Data Knowledge Graph for Irish History, this strand will prioritise data visualisation and data-analysis tools, powered by Knowledge Graph technologies, that promote discovery of linked open data.

One of the founders of the Semantic Web (SW) described the condition of most data on the web as a ‘data wilderness — full of valuable treasure, but overgrown and tangled. Even the valuable data that you can find can take any of a number of forms, adapted to its own part of the wilderness’ (Allbert, Hendler et al.). 

A fundamental research challenge is the inherent complexity and messiness of history and of historical sources. The research in this strand addresses the problem of knowledge organisation, aiming to enhance access to Ireland’s deep and interconnected history by: 

  • Providing access to Linked Open Data (LOD) resources for wider publics
  • Ensuring that Semantic Web technologies can support and enhance historical research 
  • Incorporating advanced technologies to support discovery and analysis of historical networks and connections 

Stories from this Research Strand