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Our research operates at the crossroads of three disciplines including History & Humanities, Archives & Conservation and Computer Science & Technology.

Latest Publication: People, Place and Power

In partnership with the Local Government Archivists and Record Managers, this publication explores the significance of the Grand Jury in Ireland, and the immense value of Grand Jury records in local collections across the island.

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The latest research from across our team breaks new ground in History, Computer Science, Digital Humanities, Archival Science and Conservation.

2024 (Forthcoming)Elizabeth BiggsForging the Medieval amidst Loss: the Public Record Office of Ireland and Ireland’s Medieval HistorySpecial cluster on medieval forgery in postmedieval, eds. R. Menmuir and H. Armstrong - Archives & History
2023Elizabeth BiggsIrish Lords and English Rulers: the Materials of Diplomacy between England and Gaelic Ireland in the later Middle AgesHistory Ireland (Sept/Oct 2023) - Archives & History
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2023Peter Crooks, Lynn Kilgallon‘Of old time annexed to your crown’: Documents on Irish Parliament and the Crisis of 1441–2Analecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
2023Neil JohnstonExtracts related to Irish matters considered at the English Privy Council, 1660–9Analecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
2023Sarah HendriksEarly Evidence of the Dublin Guild of CarpentersAnalecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
2023Tim MurtaghSelected Correspondence of Edward Cooke, Civil Under-Secretary (1796–1801)Analecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
2023Brian GurrinSurviving 1813–15 census returnsAnalecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
2023Ciarán WallaceSelections from the Public Record Office of Ireland letter booksAnalecta Hibernica 53 (2023) - Archives & History
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2022Brian Gurrin, with David Brown, Peter Crooks and Ciarán WallacePeople, Place and Power: The Grand Jury system in Ireland. 2nd editionPublisher: Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland. ISBN: 978-1-9168831-1-6 - Archives & History
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2022Ciarán WallaceD.A. Chart, biographical entryDictionary of Irish Biography (December 2022) - -
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2020Hazel MentonThe Four Courts repository post-1922Archive Fever 14 (Jul 2020) - Archives & History
2020David BrownTaking the long way home: the perambulations of Harvard MS Eng 662, Rerum Hibernicarum, Scripti et Impressi, by Charles VallanceyArchive Fever 13 (Jun 2020) - Archives & History
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2018Ciarán Wallace10 years before the blaze: Herbert Wood on ‘Unexplored Irish Treasures‘Archive Fever 4 (Apr 2018) - Archives & History
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2018Peter Crooks and Ciarán WallaceConstruction/Destruction: the Public Record Office of Ireland (1867–1922)Archive Fever 1 (Jan 2018) - Archives & History